15th Anniversary Celebration

Joyful childWorld Connection‘s 15th Anniversary has been celebrated with music, love, and sharing. Music is the major way of connecting quickly with local communities. It is used to communicate public health and educational messages. It induces feelings and expressions of sheer JOY!

The Benefit Concert Event for Musicians in Mali & Photo Exhibit of Faces, Places, and Musicians of Mali that took place on May 30, 2013

Benefit Concert Update: Thanks to support and contributions, World Connection Delivered 11.7 TONS of Rice and Millet to Musicians in Mali

May 2013 Benefit Concert

was a wonderful 15th anniversary celebration thanks to all of you who attended and to all of you who had a hand in making this event come to life. Thanks to those of you who donated to World Connection but were not able to make the event. We have raised more than $6,000 of our $10,000 goal to provide food for musicians and their families in Mali! Please donate …..any amount, large and small, is greatly appreciated!

Chris Chitouras, Andrea Chitouras, and Boubacar Djabaté

Know that your money goes directly to support these families who are in dire need. Please click on the link to hear directly from Khaira Arby, a singer from Timbuktu who is now a refugee in Bamako and is unable to make a living due to the ban on live music. Along with Khaira, you will see and hear from Paul Chandler, music educator, recording engineer who has a recording studio in Bamako and musician himself who has worked extensively with musicians for the past 10 years in Bamako. Paul will be responsible for distributing rice and millet to these families, and ultimately, replacement instruments and equipment when the ban on music is lifted.

Thank you for your donations.
Please continue to spread the word about the realities in Mali today.
Encourage others to donate.