Past Projects

One of the essential elements in the success of World Connection’s projects involves individuals taking
responsibility and participating in the development of themselves and their communities.

Kabaya health center
Centre de Sante de Kabaya
Kabaya Health Center

Rural health center

Kabaya Health Center
In 1998, Kabaya women’s association with the rest of Kabaya’s inhabitants, World Connection provided financial resources and management of the construction of a rural health center in Mali. Construction of the center based on Malian government blueprints was completed in just 3 months after breaking ground.

Delivery of birthing table
Delivering a refurbished birthing table to the Kabaya Health Center
Avoiding the sun
Sitting behind the health center trying to avoid the sun
Looking at the maternity room
Kabaya women looking into the maternity room
women with birthing table
Kabaya women with their new birthing table

A celebratory moment–
The women of Kabaya broke into a call and response rhythmic song in response to the arrival of a birthing table for the health center.

Kabaya women singing & dancingKabaya Health Center
Kabaya village meeting
Kabaya village meeting with village chief

Kabaya village family compound scene
Compound in the village of Kabaya

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Operation Coup de Balais (Project Sweep of the Broom)
A weekend youth soccer and neighborhood clean up competition that culminated with a free concert in Badalabougou, a neighborhood in Bamako, Mali as described by director, June LaPointe in an email:

“She [Andrea] just finished a successful project cleaning up a neighborhood in Bamako to build awareness around maintaining a clean environment and its direct connection to reducing health risks. The event, Operation Coup de Balai (Operation Sweep of the Broom –j. App.8) was a weekend-long youth soccer competition and clean-up competition in a neighborhood in Bamako, Mali’s capitol, during the first weekend of December. The weekend of soccer matches and garbage pick up culminated with a live concert with health messaging and health-related skits that was open and free to all in the area. Over 1,000 kids came to clean up and were given donated gloves, masks and twig brooms to sweep the dirt free of plastic and other trash. Andrea was told her weekend project would cost $10,000. She did it with approximately $400 by making this a local, grassroots effort where most everything was donated.”

Cleaning up the neighborhood of Badalabougou, Bamako

sweeping the streets in BamakoYouth neighborhood cleanup project
Operation Sweep of the BroomOperation Sweep of the Broom

Finals in the youth soccer match; Jeff Chitouras, sound engineer setting up for the live concert.

sound engineer

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Kalanso Maison Traore: Front yard school:
It all started with a blackboard and chalk, and sparking the interest of a 3rd year university student in education to teach the young, mostly illiterate young men who hung out in front of the house smoking cigarettes and drinking tea. Only expecting a couple of people, we were surprised seeing that for the first night, 7 youths showed up. Night after night, the group showed up for classes outside in the front yard of the house with only 2 neon bulbs to light up the board. One month later, there were 15 youth who came to the house, 5 nights a week with their notebooks and pens to write the alphabet, their names, numbers, days of the week, etc.

Front yard school
Learning to write

Youths learning to write their names


Tumiche, Health Outpost, Northwestern Guatemala
See World Connection Guatemalan Report — May 2003

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