“Music is the language of [human] kind”


Music is a key aspect to every project World Connection is involved with. It is a way to reduce cultural barriers in record time as well as a way to quickly get across health-related and educational messages. It is a way to reduce cultural barriers.

World Connection’s founder, bassist Andrea Chitouras and her guitar-playing brother, Chris Chitouras, joined with Malian artists to record a music video promoting good health and hygiene which premiered on “Top Etoile” the most popular music program on television at the time.

The entire project began on a Saturday in 1998. With the help of master kora player Toumani Diabate, over the next few days, the lyrics were written and the musicians gathered for the one and only rehearsal which was plagued by electrical outages. On the 6th day, we recorded two takes of SANYA at the national radio and television station in Mali (ORTM). That very day the performance was broadcast to more than a million viewers with a simple message of washing one’s hands.

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